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21 Mar, 2019
Author Meopin

Invisalign – The Invisible Dental Brace

In the Invisalign treatment, transparent splints (aligners) are used to perform simple to complicated tooth straightening. A 3D computer technology enables the representation of the complete treatment, from the starting position of the teeth to the desired final position. A series of transparent aligners are then produced. The movements are thus initiated step by step. … Continued

07 Mar, 2019
Author Meopin

What you should know about dental veneers

Veneers are a thin plastic or ceramic bowls glued to the visible surface of the teeth. In this case, misalignments or discoloration can be covered. Are veneers suitable for every patient? Not every patient is suitable for veneers. Genetic enamel or fluoride defects prevent gluing of veneers. Patients suffering from severe teeth grinding are also … Continued

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