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05 Feb, 2019
Author Meopin

Patient experience – its importance in France

Importance of patient experience The French Institute for patient experience (Institut français de l’expérience patient) conducted in 2018 a barometer amongst 886 people working in medicosocial institutions and other health sector organisations. Mainly organisations that belonged to public and private non-profit sectors participated in the barometer.  The Institute is an independent non-profit organization  dealing with … Continued

25 Jan, 2019
Author Meopin

Back and Pelvic Pain among Pregnant Women

 Low back and pelvic pain is an important issue, which concerns 632 million people in the world and causes important physical impairments. 50% of pregnant women experience low back pain (LBP). This is often due to a relaxation of their posterior sacroiliac joints ligamentous system caused by a hormone relaxant increasing during the pregnancy. The pain … Continued

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